Expat finances made easy with Finsens

Expat finances made easy with Finsens


It can be difficult to find a company that gives trustworthy financial advice and has plenty of experience with helping expats. When it comes to your personal, financial situation, you need to be able to build a trusting relationship with your advisor. After all, your advisor needs to know what is best for you, whether it concerns your mortgage, taxes or asset management.

Finsens has over 25 years of experience with expat finances

Finsens, a financial consultancy firm at the Herengracht in Amsterdam, has been advising expats in the Netherlands for 25 years regarding mortgages, asset management, and tax services. As they are a small firm, they are able to provide a personal approach. Finsens' main goal is to make things easy for you!

Mortgage advice

The process of buying a home and applying for a mortgage in the Netherlands is often rather different than what most expats are used to in their home country. Finsens can guide you through the entire process to make you comfortable and confident about the necessary steps to take, so you will not get stressed or overwhelmed.

As an independent intermediary, Finsens is able to compare the conditions and interest rates of all mortgage providers. As such, they can provide you with both low-interest rates and good loan terms.

Tax services

Whether you are planning to move to the Netherlands, have just arrived or have been living and working here for a while and are in need of tax assistance, Finsens Tax provides tax advice at the highest level.

Finsens’ tax advisors offer many years of experience in local and international tax matters. Their advisors are aware of international tax laws and the latest developments and can assist you correctly. Individuals and entrepreneurs can contact Finsens for tax advice, tax compliance and accountancy. They also assist corporations with their tax matters and are happy to assist on payroll tax matters or other corporation tax related matters.

Individuals, as well as corporations, can also contact Finsens for questions regarding the 30% ruling application.

Wealth management

Finsens has been providing wealth management for over 15 years, advising and guiding investors so that they fulfil their long-term goals while maintaining investors’ risk profiles.

Besides working together with OAKK Solid Investment Solutions for investment portfolios of profile funds, Finsens also participates in real estate investments for clients. Based on your risk preferences and investment goals, Finsens’ investment consultants will provide you with an investment portfolio which corresponds with your preferences.

Real estate brokerage

Finsens’ real estate division can help you with either selling your current home or finding a new home in Amsterdam. Finsens Makelaardij is part of the Dutch real estate brokerage association (NVM) and the Amsterdam real estate brokerage association (MVA).

Due to the booming market, it is difficult to buy a property in Amsterdam. Many people overbid the asking price and it is hard to figure out what the right price is to make the winning bid. Finsens Makelaardij knows the market and can help you find the right property and support you in making a fair offer.



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