Filing your taxes doesn’t have to be difficult

Filing your taxes doesn’t have to be difficult


Tax & Services Solutions B.V. was founded based on the idea that it should be possible for expatriates to file their Dutch tax declarations in an easy, accessible and professional way, and, above all, at very competitive fees.

The internet gives them the opportunity to help clients all over the world in a personal and professional way; without passing on overhead costs to their clients and without compromising on quality!

Am I obliged to file my tax return declaration in the Netherlands?

Every resident in the Netherlands over 18 years who earns an income or has assets in the Netherlands is obliged to file a yearly Dutch tax return.

However, sometimes it takes a while (years) before you will receive a notification from the Dutch tax authorities to file your Dutch tax declaration.

File your Dutch tax declarations in an easy, accessible and professional way

After filing your Dutch taxes, it sometimes turns out that you don’t have to file your declaration anymore. If this is the case, you will be notified by the tax authorities.

This doesn’t mean that it can't be still beneficial for you to file your taxes anyway. If your financial situation changes, it is recommended to check if filing will be obliged or beneficial again.

Starting your own business in the Netherlands

If you are starting your own business in the Netherlands, it is likely that you will encounter lots of tax matters concerning your business. Questions will arise, like what kind of legal entity should you choose, a BV (limited liability) or “eenmanszaak” (sole trader / one-person business)?

The Dutch BV

The Dutch BV (Besloten Vennootschap) or the limited liability company (Besloten Vennootschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheid) is the most used type of company structure in the Netherlands. It is the equivalent of the German GmbH and the UK Ltd. Considering the new amendments added to Company Law, the incorporation procedure for a Dutch BV has been simplified and the costs related to company formation in the Netherlands have been reduced. 

Package deals

The specialists at Tax & Service Solutions are happy to answer all of your questions and give you all the required information and advice on the matters which are important for your particular situation. They not only look at your current situation, but also your future plans.

Discover their package deals for startups and (small) businesses in the Netherlands. With these special packages, you will always be up to date when it comes to your administration and tax matters.

Payroll administration and HR administration in the Netherlands

Tax & Service Solutions also offers a unique service for your company. A full payroll tax administration service combined with a full HR administration service for your Dutch and / or foreign employees working in the Netherlands.

Tax & Services Solutions provides Dutch payroll services to all types of businesses. Whether you are:

  • A foreign company which sends employees to the Netherlands
  • A company in the Netherlands which employs (foreign) workers
  • A recruitment and contracting agency
  • An umbrella company
  • A so-called stamrecht B.V.

Why should you choose Tax & Service Solutions B.V. for your Dutch payroll and HR services? Tax & Service Solutions' unique combined package of payroll and HR administration services gives you full control over your administration but none of the burdens!



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