Easy and stress-free: filing your 2016 Dutch tax return with Blue Umbrella


The tax season is here! It's time to file your Dutch income tax return for 2016.

The Dutch tax system can be confusing, and finding out if you are eligible for any refunds can be hard. However, getting your tax return completed does not need to be complicated or expensive.

Blue Umbrella can do this for you making it easy, stress-free and affordable. For a flat fee of 135 euros, they'll make sure you don't pay more than the Dutch!

Filing your tax return in the Netherlands

Every individual in the Netherlands has to go through the process of filing his or her income tax as requested by the Dutch Tax Office. This includes everyone who is employed here or who receives benefits, and there are multiple scenarios where you may be eligible for a tax refund.

Depending on your circumstances, you might be able to apply for tax credits or be eligible for deductible items like mortgage rebates (hypotheekrenteaftrek), study costs, medical expenses or special childcare costs. Blue Umbrella can do the work for you, and figure out how much money you are due to get back.

Income tax has to be filed before or on April 30, 2017. However, when you register with Blue Umbrella you automatically qualify for an extension: October 1, 2017. There's no need to worry about missing the deadline!

For a flat fee of 135 euros, Blue Umbrella will ensure that they claim everything you are entitled to, so you receive the maximum eligible tax refund. It is all included in the service with no hidden costs

About Blue Umbrella

With almost 10 years experience with the Dutch tax system, Blue Umbrella is the English-speaking intermediary between expats and the Dutch Tax Office, professionally arranging everything from income tax filing and childcare allowances to SME and payroll.

The Blue Tax service

Blue Umbrella offers an efficient and user-friendly online platform where individuals, couples and those who are self-employed can easily deal with Dutch tax matters.

Blue Tax is the tax return filing service from Blue Umbrella. The people behind the company are all qualified tax professionals who know the Dutch tax system inside out.

Register online

Registering for the tax return service is easy and completely online:
1. Register with a short form on the website
2. Login to your MyBlue account
3. Fill in a short tax questionnaire, so Blue Umbrella can make an assessment and see what they can do for you

The Blue Umbrella team will take on any tax situation, no matter how complex it is. Once registered, you can call them for advice on any tax question you may have.

They offer a discount if you file your tax return together with your partner, which is 185 euros. The tax return service is also available to expats who enjoy the 30% ruling.

Blue Tax for self-employed

Blue Umbrella now also offers Blue Tax for internationals who are self-employed! The same easy, online tax service for those who run their own company.

Benefits of Blue Tax are:
Suitably qualified and experienced employees
Accurate calculations
Complete reviews
Maximum tax refund

Filing your taxes with them is simple, straightforward, affordable, completely online, and entirely in English! 

Contact Blue Umbrella

Fill in the contact form for more information.
Visit the tax return page to read more or sign up.
You can also call to speak with a tax expert: +31(0)204687560

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