A few big Dutch health insurers lowering premiums for 2020

A few big Dutch health insurers lowering premiums for 2020

Dutch health insurers had until November 12 to announce their premiums for 2020. Going against the trend of increasing premiums for the coming year, a few large health insurers in the Netherlands have decided to, in fact, lower premiums, albeit not by huge amounts.

Handful of Dutch health insurers lowering premiums

CZ and VGZ have decided to lower premiums by 3,85 euros and one euro respectively. Now, for the VGZ basic package, you’ll pay 119,95 euros per month instead of 120,95 euros. At CZ, the Zorg-op-maatpolis insurance policy is now 120,95 per month. This is not CZ’s cheapest policy.

According to VGZ, organising care better and more efficiently has made it possible to lower premiums. Moreover, VGZ has also used some of its accumulated reserves to this end. Univé is another health insurer lowering premiums; next year their premiums will be one euro cheaper.

Premiums increasing for some

Whilst a few insurers are lowering premiums, many are raising them. DSW and Menzis already announced that they will be increasing premiums by six euros and one euro respectively. DSW was the first insurer to announce its premiums. Both insurers are using their reserves to limit the increase. The basic health insurance packages at DSW and Menzis will cost 118 euros and 123 euros respectively.

It is important to also note that discounts on collective health insurance policies are decreasing from 10 percent to five percent, meaning that whilst some insurers are lowering their premiums, you could still pay more than last year on a collective policy, as you don’t get as much discount this time around. About two-thirds of people in the Netherlands have one of these collective policies. In general, it’s a good idea for the majority of those with health insurance in the Netherlands to shop around for a better deal.

Back on Budget Day, the government estimated that insurance premiums would go up by three euros a month. Luckily, the own risk (eigen risico) will stay at 385 euros next year. Healthcare allowance will also be increasing by 67 euros for single persons and 95 euros per year for multiple person households in 2020. You have until the end of the year to switch insurers.

The cheapest Dutch health insurance packages

The monthly premiums for basic packages without collective discount and with the minimum own risk of 385 euros are presented in the list below. Some providers have different basic packages, which are offered at different premiums. The difference between these is often whether you can only go to certain contracted health providers or not. The list below shows the cheapest packages.

  • CZ: 114,95 euros
  • DSW Zorgverzekeraar: 118,00 euros
  • FBTO: 116,95 euros
  • InTwente Zorgverzekeraar: 118,00 euros
  • Menzis: 111,00 euros
  • Nationale Nederlanden: 122,76 euros
  • OHRA: 121,35 euros
  • PMA zorgverzekering: 111,00 euros
  • Salland zorgverzekeringen: 113,90 euros
  • Stad Holland Zorgverzekeraar: 128,50 euros
  • Univé: 119,95 euros
  • VGZ: 119,95 euros
  • ZorgDirect: 128,50 euros

Please note that this list is not complete.

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