FAIR Administration: Bookkeeping services in English for expat entrepreneurs

FAIR Administration: Bookkeeping services in English for expat entrepreneurs


Are you a freelancer or entrepreneur working in the Netherlands? FAIR Administration offers professional bookkeeping services for expats.

FAIR is a social enterprise of the Dignita Foundation (stichting Dignita) in Amsterdam. Besides having four successful brunch cafés in Amsterdam and Den Haag, stichting Dignita is also the founder of an administration office in the heart of the Dutch capital.

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VAT returns, income taxes, and M forms

FAIR focuses on expat freelancers that live and work in the Netherlands. They specialise in VAT returns and income taxes / M forms.

Their focus is on helping people understand the complicated Dutch tax system, which can be confusing for some expats who are not familiar with Dutch tax legislation. In this case, it's not necessarily beneficial to take care of your income taxes yourself. Get peace of mind by handing it over to an expert. 

Whether you were employed and moved to the Netherlands last year and need help with your M form, or you have been an entrepreneur for a long time and want to have someone else take care of this year’s income tax, FAIR is here for you! They have a few spots left for people looking to file their 2022 income tax returns.

FAIR for freelancers

If you are a freelancer, FAIR gives you the time to focus on your business, instead of worrying about your administration and bookkeeping. Book a free intake with FAIR to learn about what their team can do for you and the rates and packages on offer. This way, you clearly understand which service you will get for what rate and you can put your administration in their hands, with full peace of mind.

FAIR: A social enterprise

By working with FAIR, you not only make your administration a lot easier, but you also contribute to the reintegration of a vulnerable group of people. FAIR is a social enterprise of the stichting Dignitaan organisation which offers training programmes and support to people in need. 

Additionally, all proceeds from FAIR's social enterprise go back to this non-profit foundation. The money is then used to help vulnerable groups become more resilient while they reintegrate into the labour market and society.

Let’s get started!

FAIR’s team is enthusiastic, relaxed, and willing to reach for the stars with you! FAIR wants you, as an entrepreneur, to understand what is needed in terms of administration and taxes. This goes back to their background as a social enterprise.

FAIR always strives to go the extra mile with you. With their software, it is easy for you to view your income and expenses, send invoices and offers and save your important documents. It’s all in one place, so your tax declarations and administration will always be in order. You will also have a personal bookkeeper that will guide you through the process.

The FAIR office is always open for a cup of coffee and a chat. You can reach their team by emailing [email protected] or calling / sending a WhatsApp message to + 31 63 91 83 906 (available during office hours).

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