Facing the car dilemma? A new solution may be on the way!

Facing the car dilemma? A new solution may be on the way!

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The automotive industry is the only sector with the same business model for more than 120 years. Saadet Dundar-Moorhead is certain that the customer should no longer come to the car, but that mobility should be based on their needs. 

The lives of expats may have changed quite a bit over the years here in Amsterdam, but their conversations haven’t. Set yourself down in one of the smart cafes in the trendy Jordaan district and you can eavesdrop on the same themes that concern expats the world over. Words like "accommodation", "schools", "childcare" and "verblijfsvergunning" (residence permit) dominate as the koffie and boterkoek are served.

“I’d never heard of car subscriptions before, but after downloading an app, I had a car delivered to my door within a week.” ~ Robert Brown, expat from the UK 

So does the word "car". That might surprise you in a city which stands as a haven for cyclists and a blueprint for future mobility. A city which has done much to alleviate our dependency on the car through visionary planning in public transport. Yet even today, most expats still enjoy the freedom and independence that you can get from having a car outside your door. And for many arriving here, the car dilemma is yet another line on their checklist of "must-dos".

Leasing can get complicated

Even the most passionate car enthusiast must shudder a little at the prospect of sorting their own wheels in a foreign country. If you don’t get a company car supplied when you arrive, finding the best car for your needs, picking the right leasing package, and then waiting for the car to be delivered can take up months. Who’s ferrying the kids to football practice in the meantime?

For others, who don’t know how long it will be before they head for home, the uncertainty makes buying or leasing a car very off-putting. A hefty down-payment, applying for a loan, negotiating in a foreign language? No thanks.

Think of it as Netflix, but for cars

However, don’t despair, the unstoppable power of the "share economy" is currently transforming the car industry’s century-old business model. Almost daily, we’re seeing flexible new approaches to traditional car leasing by start-ups and carmakers across the globe.

One new mobility solution is offered by an increasing number of "car subscription" apps. In essence, you pay a monthly fee to use different models from a car brand’s range. In addition to access, this fee covers the cost of insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance. Think of it as Netflix, but for cars. Some carmakers even throw in delivery to your door.

A compact for the city, an SUV for holidays?

It’s the simplicity, flexibility and choice offered by car subscription that makes it so appealing to Millennials, expats and even car enthusiasts. It allows us to switch the car we use for our daily commute to something bigger when friends visit, or for a long summer holiday with the family. Or lets you plan a weekend away in something cooler and sportier. You might even want to try out an all-electric car for a few weeks.

Summing up, the future looks bright (and flexible) for expats wanting to get mobile. So, perhaps the new car subscription apps are just what we’ve been waiting for?

A vehicle manufacturer is undertaking an independent survey in the Netherlands about car subscription and they would like your views on it. The survey takes 15-20 minutes to complete. If you would like to participate please click here.

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Saadet Dundar-Moorhead


Saadet Dundar-Moorhead

Saadet Dundar-Moorhead is creating new and innovative business models at Toyota Motors Europe. She sees the special needs for expats and highlight them for new ways of mobility.

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wshaneoman 15:59 | 20 February 2020

Well, it's a nice subject and you've gotten me interested, but how about some links? Or names of specific companies offering these apps? The way it stands, this looks to be basically a sponsored post by this survey company, without disclosing that fact.