Extra security measures necessary to protect Mark Rutte against organised crime

Extra security measures necessary to protect Mark Rutte against organised crime

Extra security measures have been implemented for the safety of Prime Minister Mark Rutte, due to serious criminal threats. According to Dutch news sources NOS and De Telegraaf, Rutte is being heavily protected for fear of being the target of an attack or kidnapping by organised crime.

Extra security measures to prevent kidnappings or attacks

So-called "spotters" or hitmen, more specifically, suspicious individuals affiliated with the Mocro Mafia, have been observed in close proximity to the Dutch PM on numerous occasions, according to Telegraaf journalist Mick van Wely on the TV programme Goedemorgen Nederland.

De Telegraaf newspaper has been in touch with the National Public Prosecution Service (Landelijk Parket van het Openbaar Ministerie) about the issue, to investigate the possible threat against Mark Rutte.

The extra security measures would consist of both visible and invisible measures: armed police officers day and night as well as mapping out the places where Mark Rutte is scheduled to go, carefully inspecting all locations for potential dangers.

Recent murders intended to propagate fear and destabilise society

Recent murders related to the Marengo trial and Ridouan Taghi’s criminal organisation include the killing of lawyer Derk Wiersum in 2019 and crime reporter Peter R. de Vries a few months ago. According to crime analysts speaking to De Telegraaf, those behind the murders intended to propagate fear and destabilise society.

This is why after Derk Wiersum’s murder, extra safety measures were undertaken for dozens of key people such as judges, prosecutors and ministers in the Dutch government. In the same vein, the potential threats to Rutte are being taken seriously, and heavy security has been deemed a necessary measure in preventing a possible kidnapping or attack.

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