Extra intercity trains to help commuters maintain social distancing rules

Extra intercity trains to help commuters maintain social distancing rules

There will be more trains running in the Netherlands from next Tuesday onwards, according to RTL Nieuws. These extra intercity trains will allow a 1,5-metre distance for passengers travelling to work.

Insufficient space for commuters and longer travel times

Since March 21, the trains have been operating on a reduced timetable and trains have been stopping at intermediate stations that would not normally be on the schedule. Trains are generally only using 10 percent of their capacity at the moment, however, on some routes, trains have become too crowded to allow for a 1,5-metre distance between individuals.

With the extra trains, sufficient space for passengers can be guaranteed, as well as quicker travel time, compared with what has been available since March 21.

Other transport companies to add extra vehicles

As a result of these new measures in the national railway company, other public transport organisations are following suit and ramping up their operations to include more vehicles in operation.

In preparation for Dutch primary schools reopening on May 11, Amsterdam public transport company, GVB, will soon be adding more trams. Additionally, metro line 51 will be re-instated, meaning that four out of five lines of the Amsterdam metro ​​​​​will be back in use.

Other public transport companies like Arriva and Connexxion have not yet planned to add more vehicles to their services, but if their buses become too crowded for passengers to maintain social distancing rules, they will add extra buses.

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