Extended Amsterdam and The Hague terraces to stay until Spring 2021

Extended Amsterdam and The Hague terraces to stay until Spring 2021

The municipalities of Amsterdam and The Hague have allowed extended outdoor terraces for bars and restaurants to stay in place throughout the winter

Temporary terrace extension

New coronavirus measures announced by Prime Minister Mark Rutte on September 28 mean that stricter regulations now apply to the catering industry until (at least) October 20, and municipalities across the Netherlands are trying to help support businesses in their area to ensure they survive the colder winter months.

Temporary terrace extension in Amsterdam

Since May, businesses in Amsterdam have been permitted to temporarily extend their terraces to accommodate for the 1,5-metre distance rule enforced by the Dutch government. The extensions were initially allowed to remain in place until October 1, 2020. 

Now, the municipality has announced that the scheme that allows entrepreneurs to enlarge their terrace will be extended to March 1 2021. 

Temporary terrace extension in The Hague

Similarly, the businesses in The Hague have been awarded an extension. Catering hospitalities will be allowed to keep larger terraces until May 1. 

Hilbert Bredemeijer, Alderman for The Hague, this extension is vital: "Partly thanks to the larger terraces this summer, a large number of catering establishments in The Hague have been able to keep their income somewhat up to par. We want to offer those extra places outdoors again next season." 

Restrictions on outdoor terraces

On the Amsterdam municipality's website, they say that any developments in regards to the spread of the coronavirus, and the local security region’s alert phase (cautious, worrying, or serious), could result in the extension being reconsidered. 

They will also continue to ensure that the coronavirus measures outlined by Rutte and Amsterdam Mayor Femke Halsema are followed correctly. Therefore, while terraces can be extended, the cap of 40 people for outdoor spaces will still apply.

Alongside this extension, terraces will be allowed to stay open later for the winter months. Last winter, terraces had to close at 8pm - this year, they will be allowed to stay open until 10pm. Furthermore, parasols and outdoor heating units will also be allowed, so long as they comply with the relevant policies - for example, the municipality of The Hague specifies that any canopies or roofs erected must be open on at least three sides to ensure adequate ventilation.

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