Expect some more storms today in the Netherlands

Expect some more storms today in the Netherlands

Some more weird weather is headed for the Netherlands today. If you thought it was over after the storms ravaged the country on Tuesday and Wednesday, you’d be wrong. It looks like there are more on their way, but also some sunny spells which could leave you sunburnt… Talk about fickle.

Sunny to storms in a pinch

It looks as though the day will start off pretty sunny, with temperatures quickly heating up and reaching 20C. The wind however, will also pick up and reach a strong 5 Bft during the morning.

After midday the sky will become overcast and later on heavy thunderstorms will move over the country, coming from the southwest. With the storms comes the possibility of hail and gusts of wind reaching 100 km/h - strong enough to topple trees, as we’ve seen over the last couple of days.

While many will experience storms, a large part of the afternoon will remain sunny for those in the north and east of the country. The sun will be so strong at the start of the afternoon, shining with a UV index of 6, that you could easily get sunburnt.


It’s going to get hot

Before the storms, there’s more fun, as the heat becomes suffocating - the kind you often have before a storm. At this point, temperatures will rise to highs of between 22C in the west of Zeeland and the Wadden area to 27C in the east. In the urban conglomeration of cities, it is likely to reach 24C.

During the evening, the storms will continue  their path across the Netherlands from the southwest to the northeast. Temperatures will cool off in the night to around 12C. A strong southwesterly wind is expected inland, possibly reaching storm speeds of 8 Bft on the west coast.

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