Expat Health Clinic: Telehealth for expats and international students

Expat Health Clinic: Telehealth for expats and international students


Expat Health Clinic is a telehealth platform, available 24 hours a day for direct communication with a healthcare professional via video, audio call or instant messaging in 12 languages. Their main focus is to deliver healthcare online, safely, timely and efficiently for those who are not (yet) registered with a local general practitioner (GP). Their motto is “Your Doctor on the Go”.

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Not (yet) registered with a GP? Meet Expat Health Clinic!

A key requirement for expats new to the Netherlands is to register with a general practitioner (GP). They act as gatekeepers to other forms of specialised care. This healthcare system works well for two reasons; firstly, GPs treat around 90 percent of medical conditions and the remaining 10 percent are referred to specialists, which is considerably lower than in most other countries. Secondly, a GP ensures continuity of care. Unfortunately, access to a GP can be a challenge for many new expats due to a lack of GP practices as well as language or cultural barriers.

For many expats, there is little to no alternative service available in the event they should fall ill with a non-urgent medical condition. At Expat Health Clinic, medical advice and treatment are provided for expats who find themselves in a situation in which they are not yet registered with a GP.

Connect with a doctor anytime, anywhere, in your preferred language

Expat Health Clinic consists of a team of doctors from different nationalities, including Russian, Indian, Belgian, Australian, British, Spanish, Peruvian, and Cameroonian. Expats are therefore able to speak to a doctor in one of 12 languages, including Hindi and Urdu.

The main goal is to provide a solution in order to prevent unnecessary delays in treatment, which if left untreated can lead to complications. As a telehealth company, Expat Health Clinic facilitates access to medical care via a mobile application, so that expats can connect with a doctor anytime, anywhere, and in their preferred language.  

How does it work?

Expat Health Clinic offers a value-added mobile application tool that will enable direct communication between expats and the Expat Health Clinic network of (allied) health professionals. The following summarises the main processes of Expat Health Clinic:

Connecting virtually

Access to an end-to-end encrypted message and video platform hosted on a third-party NEN-7510 and ISO-27001 certified server. You will connect virtually with the Expat Health Clinic team of medical professionals at a convenient time and location.

Ascertaining the urgency

Upon successful registration, you will receive a text message from a triagist to ascertain the urgency of your medical condition. If the information you provide is categorised as urgent, appropriate actions such as referral to emergency services is taken. If the medical condition is categorised as non-urgent, a consultation is booked between you and a doctor.

The consultation

At the allocated time of the consultation, the doctor will identify themselves via video call and proceed with the consultation as would be the case at a GP practice. During the space of 20 to 30 minutes, your Expat Health Clinic doctor takes notes, summarises the information provided, and provides a diagnosis along with recommendations and advice. This note will subsequently be shared with you via the secure platform and be part of your electronic dossier for future reference.

Further instructions

Following the consultation, your Expat Health Clinic doctor will provide further instructions, mostly via chat message on the mobile application. For instance, in the case of prescribed drugs and collection at a local pharmacy or delivery at home. Another example is referral letters, which Expat Health Clinic provides when needed.


Expat Health Clinic collaborates with existing primary healthcare systems and makes recommendations on which GP practice is available locally for you to register with. This way, continuity of care for those with non-urgent medical conditions is ensured.

Reducing (re)attendance to out-of-hours GPs

Expat Health Clinic’s telehealth solution does more than offer peace-of-mind, reassurance, and treatment. The team makes every effort to reduce (re)attendance to out-of-hours general practitioners. This alone can save money - approximately 200 euros per visit!

Primary prevention approach

Finally, because a consultation lasts 20 minutes on average, Expat Health Clinic is in a unique position to give advice on a primary prevention approach, so as to reduce absenteeism from study or work.

Many benefits for expats

Expats who use Expat Health Clinic have access to a team of doctors with clinical expertise in general practice, psychiatry, and internal medicine. They also have a GP in charge of triage to ensure all incoming complaints are dealt with in a timely fashion. Furthermore, expats can benefit from a referral to (allied) health professionals, including clinical psychology, physiotherapist, urology, and dermatology.

Another benefit for expats is that they can use the majority of Expat Health Clinic’s services online. This means that for all non-urgent medical conditions, they can access the secure website, register, book an appointment and within minutes consult with one of the doctors. Furthermore, Expat Health Clinic can also request blood tests and provide blood collection services at home or at designated sites across the Netherlands.

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Expats need a solution when there is no easy access to medical advice. Expat Health Clinic offers an easy and low-threshold process to speak to a qualified doctor online. Expat Health Clinic’s team works according to the best medical evidence and policies to ensure accurate care is provided to all of their clients. Once an expat books a consultation with Expat Health Clinic, they receive the following service:

  • 20-minute video consultation
  • GP search and assistance to register with a practice
  • Prescription medication delivered at home or to collect at a local pharmacy
  • Referral to allied health professionals
  • Blood tests and consultation for results
  • Detailed medical report including doctor’s note for sick leave or travel certificate

In summary, expats who use Expat Health Clinic receive reliable and efficient medical service online in the event they are not able to reach their own GP.

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For more information, you can visit Expat Health Clinic's website or phone them via 0182 715 837.



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