Expat Centre Leiden: A soft landing in the Leiden region

Expat Centre Leiden: A soft landing in the Leiden region


Whether this is your first or your fifth international move - such a big change comes with many challenges. You don’t know any people, don’t have a house, don’t know the area, and above all, you don’t know how to get started on building your new life. Everything is still new and scary and you might be experiencing culture shock. This is where the Expat Centre Leiden steps in to help! 

Help with the essentials

New in Leiden? Make an appointment in your first week and get a welcome pack with essential information!

For starters, the ECL can help you with government services. Make an appointment for the first week of your stay in the Netherlands. You’ll be provided with a BSN number, a welcome pack with essential information, and a one-on-one conversation with the help desk, where they can assist you with answering questions on topics ranging from taxes to housing to education.

Community of internationals

As you have just arrived, you probably don’t know many people in the Leiden region yet. Again, the ECL can help you here. They organise events where the international community in the region comes together and welcomes new expats with open arms. The Expat Centre keeps you up to date on other events for internationals in the region, and shares expat-specific content on their website, newsletter, and Facebook page. They incorporate you into their offline and online community.

Everything you need to know about being an expat in Leiden

There’s no doubt you’ll have more questions throughout your stay in the Leiden region. This is why the ECL has created a website where information is easily accessible. How does public transportation work? Where do you go when your child gets sick? Why do you need health insurance? These, amongst many many more, are questions that the ECL website has answers for. It’s your go-to for research before and after moving.

On top of that, the Expat Centre Leiden has a free walk-in helpdesk where they answer questions and give advice on companies that offer services such as taxes, housing, Dutch lessons and more.

Share your expat experience

Not only do interviews make for a good read, the ECL thinks it’s important for expats to share their personal stories in order to help others in the same position. In their interviews, they explore topics such as being an LGBTQ in Leiden, how to overcome culture shock, and what it’s like to start a family in the region. Want to share your own story?

For your benefit

The Expat Centre Leiden is a non-profit organisation that helps the vastly growing number of expats in the Leiden region. They are here to guarantee a soft landing and pleasant experience. They are here for your benefit - and it would be a shame to not make use of their services.



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