Expat Angels: The group coaching platform that empowers expats to thrive

Expat Angels: The group coaching platform that empowers expats to thrive


Expat Angels is the new hotspot for self-improvers and wellness seekers. A new home for workshops and group coaching sessions, but also a meeting point for like-minded people wanting to work with other people to achieve self-betterment together. Imagine it as a social coaching club for expats.

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Expats are more susceptible to suffering from stress, anxiety and low confidence

Expat life in the Netherlands can be exciting, inspiring and super positive, but it can also be rife with stress, administrative struggles, low confidence, and loneliness.

In this challenging and sometimes overwhelming life situation, all we need is someone to guide us. An angel.

Expat Angels is on a mission to empower expats to find their inner strength and confidence. They offer affordable access to top coaches, therapists and experts in the Netherlands via curated group coaching sessions that help them better manage practical-life struggles, as well as their emotions and relationships. Becoming your best self starts from the inside.

What kind of workshops does Expat Angels offer?

Expat Angels' Formula

Expat Angels offers transformational group coaching workshops of two scopes:

1) Masterclasses

Masterclasses are small group personalised coaching sessions that take the headache out of all administrative practical stuff in the Netherlands. All procedures, benefits and insider tips are explained by experts, such as first registration, renting or buying a house, studying in the Netherlands, starting your own business, child benefits, 30% ruling and more.

2) Coaching Circles

Coaching circles are thematic group coaching sessions designed to help expats strengthen their happiness skills and master a stress-free and meaningful life. A deep dive into better habits, motivation, relationships, purpose, procrastination and overwhelmingness.

Available workshops

These are some of the available workshops:

Expat Angels - Coaching circle

Coaching Circles

The following Coaching Circle workshops are available:

  • Escape Imposter Syndrome
  • Find Your Passion and Get Unstuck
  • Emotional and Stress Eating
  • From Stuck to Flow: Raise Your Frequency
  • Beat Your Negative Emotions with Expressive Arts
  • Paint Your Self Portrait, Self-discovery workshop


The following Masterclass workshops are available:

  • Your First Month in the Netherlands: All the procedures and insider tips
  • Start Your own Business in the Netherlands
  • Buying a House in the Netherlands
  • Studying in the Netherlands
  • All about kids in the Netherlands, Benefits, Childcare, Education

Who are the workshops designed for?

The workshops are designed for betterment seekers, people who want to learn, heal, and grow. They help expats on their journey to settle in smoothly, build confidence, find balance, be mentally flexible and resilient, create better relationships, thrive at work and reach their potential.

The surprising power of group coaching 

Group coaching is a transformational engaging and highly immersive experience that can deliver real change in habits and mindset. A safe place for self-exploration is created among an experienced coach and a small group of like-minded people.

Benefits of group coaching

Some powerful benefits of group coaching:

  • Receive support and encouragement from a community of like-minded individuals, helping you to reach your goals faster and more efficiently.
  • Gain fresh insights and diverse perspectives, expanding your knowledge and helping you to see things in a new light.
  • Enjoy cost-effective life coaching.
  • Group dynamics create a sense of accountability, motivating you to stay on track.

Are you a coach or Dutch system expert?

Are you a certified experienced life coach, therapist, or Dutch system expert? You can join the team of Expat Angels!

Get a 20-euros discount for your first workshop

Expat Angels now offers a 20-euro welcome discount for your first workshop. Book your workshop, use the code WELCOMETOEXPATANGELSCLUB and get your discount*!

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