European Best Destinations 2017: Rotterdam ranks high

According to European Best Destinations, a European organisation based in Brussels that promotes culture and tourism in Europe, Rotterdam has made it onto the list of top 15 countries to visit based on travellers' votes. 

European Best Destinations 2017 Ranking

The European Best Destinations Ranking takes place annually online. Thousands of travellers can not only vote for their favourite destination, they can also vote for other things such as the best ski resort, or Christmas market. These ranking competitions enable European Best Destinations to connect local tourist offices to travellers, create online travel guides, and share the latest information about popular European destinations via social media. 

This particular ranking is based on votes from travellers of 174 countries worldwide. In 2017, the official winner is Porto in Portugal, who has won it now three times (2012, 2014, 2017). It was voted first place primarily by travellers from the USA, UK, France, Denmark, South Africa, South Korea, Ireland and Canada.

Rotterdam ranks 11th

Rotterdam made it to 11th place, which is the first time it has made it in the ranking. Travellers voted it a young and dynamic global city that is continuously reinventing itself thanks to some of its iconic buildings, impressive port, trendy restaurants and food markets. It is also known for its festivals and museums.

Rotterdam is increasingly becoming a tourist destination. People are beginning to appreciate it’s cosmopolitan, modern city vibe thanks to its architectural revamp after the Second World War. 

Top 15 travel destinations of 2017

The top 15 travel destinations of 2017 voted by travellers are as follows:
1. Porto, Portugal
2. Milan, Italy
3. Gdansk, Poland
4. Athens, Greece
5. San Sebastian, Spain
6. Sozopol, Bulgaria
7. Vienna, Austria
8. Stari Grad, Croatia
9. Basel, Switzerland
10. Madrid, Spain
11. Rotterdam, The Netherlands
12. Rome, Italy
13. Paris, France
14. Bonifacio, France
15. Wild Taiga, Finland

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