EU positive about vaccination passport, the Netherlands remains hesitant

EU positive about vaccination passport, the Netherlands remains hesitant

At a virtual summit this week, EU member states discussed the introduction of a digital vaccination passport. While many countries are optimistic about the plan, the Netherlands is still reluctant to get on board. 

EU discuss digital vaccination passport

The summit has seen member states discuss the coronavirus pandemic, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday that “everyone agreed we need a digital vaccination certificate,” and that the passports could be available by the summer

Member states which rely on tourism, such as Greece, Spain and Italy, have been vocal in their support of such a system, but on Thursday Merkel stressed that the introduction of the passports would not mean that those without one would not be allowed to travel.  

Dutch PM says issue needs to be debated in the Netherlands

However, while the general consensus within the EU is that creating such a system is a good idea, the member states continue to disagree on how it should be implemented. The Netherlands is one of the countries that is yet to fully support the idea. 

Acting Prime Minister Mark Rutte said on Thursday that, while a digital passport could be useful in the future, he still had many technical questions about the potential system, saying there were still concerns that a vaccinated person could spread the virus. "We really have to have a debate about that in the Netherlands," he said. He feels that, considering how few people have been vaccinated in Europe, it is still too early to make a decision. 

His hesitancy is shared by France and Belgium, who both feel that the introduction of a vaccination passport could lead to discrimination, specifically against young people who will have to wait the longest to receive the jab.

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