English-speaking urgent care professionals in the Netherlands

English-speaking urgent care professionals in the Netherlands


Urgent care facilities are excellent healthcare facilities that treat problems ranging from fevers to stomach pain. While it is perfect for treating those that do not need high levels of care, it can be difficult to get to these facilities. Especially if you live in a different country and can't understand the doctors. This can cause you to have trouble getting the care you need.

Speak to an English-speaking doctor with  Mobi Doctor

Mobi Doctor works diligently to solve this problem. With a team of English-speaking medical professionals, Mobi Doctor can answer your questions and help you get back to health.

Simply schedule an online consultation with them today and they will give you the advice you need to get on with your day. Check out their online urgent care Netherlands treatment options to help you avoid an in-person trip to a traditional urgent care facility.

Get urgent care help fast - any day, any time

Don't you hate it when the doctor's office is closed, but you need to see them? Mobi Doctor's online team is available to speak with you any time of the day, all week. You won't have to wait for a quick weekday appointment to get the medication you need to treat your sore throat; their doctors are available on-demand and can see you in under a minute. Get the care you need, when you need it.

Get medical help online from an English-speaking doctor

If you need urgent care help, your doctor needs to understand how to help you. Mobi Doctor works with English-speaking doctors to better serve their patients. You can have a stress-free experience and work with a doctor who understands your needs. This can help you avoid being misunderstood - and misdiagnosed!

The Netherlands has so much to offer, but it's hard to enjoy it when you can't find a doctor that speaks your language. With the Mobi Doctor system, you won't have to wait to get help.

Christian Lundstad founded Mobi Doctor to provide virtual urgent care whenever needed. You can schedule an appointment any time and speak with an expert doctor. They'll talk with you in English to help you find out what's ailing you and the best course of action to alleviate your problem. Best of all, you can speak with one of their doctors from home!

Get expert advice and treatment

Every doctor on the team is a licensed professional and an expert in their field. This means you can get the same professional advice you would receive in person. Their team can even provide you with prescriptions that are valid in the EU.

Affordable, stress-free urgent care

Why should it cost a fortune to see a doctor in the Netherlands? You can speak with a professional doctor near you through Mobi Doctor for only 24 euros. There aren't any hidden fees or surprise charges - all you'll get is dedicated, caring service!

There's no hassle to speak with a professional doctor through Mobi Doctor. Their site is easy to navigate and is designed to provide a stress-free user experience.

Fast help for non-emergency medical problems

Mobi Doctor was designed to provide patients like you with quick and easily accessible non-emergency medical help. Their team in the Netherlands can connect with you in just minutes. You can speak with a doctor on your own time, allowing you to get on with your day.

While Mobi Doctor can provide expert advice and prescriptions, the service isn't meant to provide physical treatment. If you have a serious emergency, dial 112 to call an ambulance or go to an emergency room.

User-friendly online urgent care for the Netherlands

Not a tech genius? That's okay; Mobi Doctor is highly user-friendly and easy to use in the Netherlands. All you need to use the English-language platform is an internet-capable device with a camera and a microphone. When you connect with their doctors, the platform will protect your data. Mobi Doctor always ensures and honours patient confidentiality.

Make an appointment with Mobi Doctor

Mobi Doctor can provide you with an experienced urgent care provider in the Netherlands in no time. Skip the physical line today and schedule an online appointment with Mobi Doctor. You could be on your way to restoring your health with just a few clicks!



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