End of rainy days in sight for the Netherlands

End of rainy days in sight for the Netherlands

The last week in the Netherlands has been, let’s face it, pretty wet and extremely windy, so, not the nicest of weather conditions. It might have seemed as though the rain would never end and we’d be perpetually stuck getting wet. But never fear, there’s a light at the end of this dreary tunnel and we’ll reach it sooner rather than later.

Spring spells on the way

According to Weeronline, dry and sunny weather is on the way, we just have to wait until after Sunday, March 17. Up until then, we can expect showers and a brisk wind, with strong gusts blowing. After Sunday, the turbulent weather will subside.

Despite a brisk wind on Sunday and the possibility of a few showers, the sun will make an appearance. On Monday, March 18, the day of the public transport strike, there is also a possibility of showers, but again, the sun will pop up here and there. We can expect highs of 8C to 9C on Monday and a crisp northwesterly wind. 

Rising temperatures in the Netherlands

From Tuesday, March 19, the weather will become more spring-like with highs of 10C to 14C and lots of sun. What’s more, it should stay dry too. In the south of the country, at the end of the week, the temperature could even reach 15C!

These temperatures are slightly warmer than what we would usually be experiencing at this time of the year. Perhaps the astronomic spring, which starts on March 20, is living up to its name.

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