Is the end of the OV Chipkaart in sight?

Is the end of the OV Chipkaart in sight?

The end of the OV Chipkaart could very well be in sight. It seems like the travel card has had its day. The Dutch government is considering getting rid of it in 2023, Stientje van Veldhoven, State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management, wrote in a letter to directors of transportation companies in the Netherlands.

The OV Chipkaart has had its day

The OV Chipkaart was rolled out between 2005 and 2012. So it’s been in use for some time, however, that is exactly the problem - it’s based on outdated technology and the government feels that it has seen its best days. It’s simply time for a more modern system. Travellers in the Netherlands should be able to use their bank cards and mobile phones to be able to pay, something that has been possible for passengers in London for years.

According to Van Veldhoven, the current OV Chipkaart system is “closed”, expensive and makes it difficult to add new payment options. Additionally, technical support cannot be guaranteed in the future.

The current OV Chipkaart system works by means of a “smart” card with all your information on it - the station where you last checked in and the amount of money in your account. The gates at stations simply read the information on your card. To be able to check in with your bank card, which doesn’t hold all this information, the gates would need to be “smart” instead of the card.

2023 is the goal

At this moment in time, several trials with new payment systems are being carried out, with one for six months between Leiden and The Hague seeing 1.000 passengers be able to check in using a debit or credit card. The results of that trial were extremely positive and no problems were encountered.

Van Veldhoven hopes that the new systems can be implemented in two years time. If all goes to plan and the new payment methods are satisfactory, the OV Chipkaart can be retired in 2023. This is the collective goal of the Ministry, NS and the National Public Transport Board (NOVB).

The costs of the new payment system will be lower than the current one, however, it is unclear as to who is going to finance the transition to the new system. To implement it, a great deal of investment is needed, as, amongst other things, the gates at hundreds of Dutch stations will need to be adjusted, with the software and hardware updated.

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Ryan Lekan 13:20 | 5 July 2019

I wonder if we, or our guests who come from different areas of the world will be able to use visa or mastercard with this plan and without a pin. The current system is not only outdated for us living here, but people from other areas of the world. The current system is not user friendly, but rather difficult for any tourists, outside of the EU bubble to use public transport. Even Poland, they easily do this

マルコ・ ポーロ 20:32 | 6 July 2019

“Even” ... in Poland. Poland is an innovative country, with a prosperous economy and is a very talented sovereign nation. I believe Poland is the leader in CEE, a very strong country.

Wendy Taylor Barnes 22:35 | 6 July 2019

I have never liked the current ov chipkaart system, it's so impractical. When all my children were still living at home and we had to use public transport there was the strippenkaart, didn't matter how many children you had you could just put them all on the one strip, same with the adult one, if someone had forgotten their strip you could just put it on someone else's, it was so handy, would have been so difficult back in the day using the Ov, each child would have to have a card, and if travelling by train would have to have a minimum of 20 euros on that would have been at least 120 euros for my children alone. I hope this new system will be more practical. I do have a concern though, what would happen if you forgot to check out ?

Nick Bkkr 12:10 | 11 July 2019

It is likely that the OV-chipkaart will not be replaced at all. Instead, the current system for payments of and access to public transport will be expanded with other additional tech such as Eurocard, Mastercard, Visa (EMV), which we all know from our international/European debit and credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.

[email protected] 15:38 | 20 July 2019

Hi, -Has anybody considered the bank charges on this for both locals and visitors? Swiping is not the problem... It all adds up at the end of the day/week/month... -What do children do that don't have bank accounts?? And there are a few that travel without their perants. Just run both systems, let people decide which to use. If the bank card works or you, happiness. The OV card might work for others. :)

SA Ag 21:19 | 2 August 2019

Hi, I m new in Haarlem I took four ovchip card for my family .now we r nt using 4 ovchip card do u have any idea how I can give back 2 ov chip cards. Now I can use my bank card so any idea thxs