Eindhoven students develop electric car that charges in under 4 minutes

Eindhoven students develop electric car that charges in under 4 minutes

A team of students from the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) have developed the “fastest-charging electric race car in the world”, which can be fully recharged in under four minutes! 

TU/e students working to innovate electric vehicles

The university’s InMotion team are working towards the goal of developing an electric car that can recharge in the same amount of time it would take to refuel a car - and recent developments mean they’re getting closer and closer to achieving that goal. 

“Reducing the charging time for electric cars is important to make electric driving easier and therefore more accessible for consumers,” the university writes in a press release. “InMotion has taken up that challenge and is now truly getting close to a pit-stop-worthy charging time.”

Dutch team builds fastest-charging electric race car in the world

The InMotion team comprises over 30 students from Eindhoven, who started designing and producing the Next Generation Battery Pack last autumn. Earlier this month, the team presented the battery, announcing that the technology allowed for the Revolution - an electric sports car - to be fully recharged in just three minutes and 56 seconds. According to TU/e, this makes the Revolution "the fastest-charging electric race car for long-distance racing in the world, as far as known."

The Next Generation Battery Pack uses cell-level cooling technology which aims to facilitate “Electric Refuelling”, and has a charging power of 322 kilowatts, a total capacity of 29,2-kilowatt hours, and a range of around 250 kilometres. 

See the Revolution - and the students - in action in the video below.

Thumb: Bart van Overbeeke Photography via TU/e Image Bank.

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