Dutch women more independent

New CBS research reveals that Dutch women work more and gradually become more independent.

More specifically:
 Female labour participation rose from 54 percent (2005) to 60 percent (2009 and 2010).
 Percentage of financially independent women rose from 42 to 48 percent between 2005 and 2009.
 Three quarters of Dutch women work part-time.
 Number of women who do not want to work due to family reasons is decreasing.
 Both genders regard work as an essential element of self-development and social acceptance.
 Dutch women do not consider work as important for supporting themselves as men.
 More than half of all higher education students are women and in fact, they are more likely to get their degree.

 In 2009 (2006) Dutch women earned on average 80 (79) percent of the gross hourly wage of men.
 Dutch women constitute nine percent of the workforce of the top 100 companies in the Netherlands.
 In the governmental sector, the percentage of Dutch women in 2010 rose up to 26 percent.



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