Dutch weather heats up as 27-degree temperatures roll in

Dutch weather heats up as 27-degree temperatures roll in

Temperatures are rising across the Netherlands as the weather is set to reach highs of 27 degrees celsius on Wednesday and Thursday. The beginning of May brings with it significantly higher temperatures, but with some rain and even thundery showers possible in the coming days. 

Temperatures across the Netherlands ranging from 20 to 27 degrees

Depending on which Dutch city you live in, the temperatures in the Netherlands will reach highs of between 20 and 27 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday. In Amsterdam, temperatures are set to be around 26 on Wednesday and 23 on Thursday, with some rain scheduled to hit the capital on Thursday afternoon. 

In Rotterdam and The Hague, temperatures will be lower, at around 18 to 21 degrees on Wednesday, and 22 degrees on Thursday. Residents of the Netherlands could be in for a sticky night between May 1 and 2, as the high temperatures are not only staying for the daytime - night time temperatures are not expected to drop lower than 14 degrees celsius anywhere in the country overnight. 

Warmer weather to continue into May

After a wet April, many people in the Netherlands might be craving a drier month of May. While we can’t promise that, the temperatures do appear to be rising as the spring heads into full swing. The warm weather looks set to stick around for the coming weeks, at least according to the current long-range weather forecasts. 

With a few Dutch holidays coming up, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the most up-to-date weather forecasts if you want to make plans, but so far the weather forecast for Ascension Day on May 9 is for sunny spells and temperatures of around 17 degrees.

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