Dutch vaccination calculator: When will you really get the jab?

Dutch vaccination calculator: When will you really get the jab?

Countries around the world already have them, and now the Netherlands has one too: a coronavirus vaccination calculator. While the Dutch government has published its vaccination strategy, the slow immunisation rate in the Netherlands means many will be wondering what the timeline will actually look like and when they should expect to be vaccinated against COVID-19

Well, wonder no longer with this vaccine queue calculator!

Calculator estimates when people in the Netherlands will receive the coronavirus vaccine

Together with a friend from Amsterdam, Maciej Kowalski - a PhD mathematics student at the Polish Academy of Sciences - developed a tool to does the maths to help you find out when you can expect to be vaccinated. 

Using information you provide about your job, health, and age, as well as live data from the corona dashboard and the government’s 10-point priority list, the calculator is able to give an idea of when you can expect the vaccine.

Vaccine Queue Calculator for the Netherlands
Victoria Séveno


Victoria Séveno

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magusperde2 00:29 | 10 March 2021

Please search “Mass Vaccination in a Pandemic - Benefits versus Risks: Interview with Geert Vanden Bossche” on youtube. A Belgian doctor and vaccine developer explains how the types of vaccines being used are inappropriate to use during a pandemic. Some of the information featured explains how the specific anti-bodies created to deal with this particular virus will 'out-compete' and annihilate your normal anti-body response to other diseases and how we are actually making the Covid virus stronger by using this particular type of vaccine.

mokumhammer 11:41 | 22 March 2021

''When will you really get the jab?'' or do you mean when you might be offered the jab? You are implying that could be compulsory (or mandatory - as it is now known) when it isn't