The Dutch use the internet more than almost anyone in Europe

We know that the Netherlands leads Europe in household internet access, with the sixth fastest internet connection in the world, but now we also know that people in the Netherlands use the internet more than almost anyone else in Europe.

In fact, last year nearly everyone in the Netherlands (94 per cent) used the internet, either at home or on their smartphone.

Mobile internet use is where the biggest change has happened, with the total number of users growing from 20 per cent in 2007 to over 60 per cent last year.

How do you check the weather?

Until 2010, laptops were more popular for mobile internet access than smartphones, but now smartphones have taken over as the most popular devices for mobile internet access in the Netherlands. Tablets, included in the survey for the first time, were used by 20 per cent of mobile internet users.

Over half of Dutch people have smartphone, as compared to the European average of 35 per cent. Only Sweden, Denmark and the United Kingdom use smartphones more, while Germans (with 31 per cent) use them a great deal less.

Young people in particular are more likely to access the mobile web. Just over seven in ten people aged 12-24 use their smartphones for this, most on an almost a daily basis.

Nearly half use (or also use) a laptop, while one quarter use a tablet.

Smartphones are also increasingly the choice for those aged 25-44 who want to read things on the move, with nearly 40 per cent using their phones almost daily.

Older users are more likely to use a laptop than a smartphone, followed by tablets. People with a job are one and a half time more likely to use mobile access than the unemployed.

Source: CBS

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Alexandra Gowling

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