Dutch retail sector calls on government for uniform measures on shopping streets

Dutch retail sector calls on government for uniform measures on shopping streets

The Dutch retail sector is calling on the government to come up with uniform ways of maintaining safe social distancing on shopping streets in Dutch cities.

Coronavirus social distancing measures are being gradually eased and the shopping streets in the Netherlands are gradually becoming busier, but at the same time, civilians may not be sure how they can avoid crowded bottle-necks.

No distinct rules in place

Uniform ways of maintaining a safe distance are clear inside the shops, however, once customers go back out into the street, there are no distinct rules in place, other than to maintain 1,5-metre distance - which is exceedingly difficult in certain busy areas, such as Kalverstraat in Amsterdam.

Many consumers are uncertain as to what is and what is not allowed. It would be reassuring for shoppers to know where they stand and to prevent bottle-necks.

"The crowds on the shopping streets are increasing, and that is good but we have to manage that properly," Hester Duursema of Detailhandel Nederland told NOS. Duursema doesn’t believe that shoppers need to avoid shopping streets, but it should be clear to them what they can do to prevent forming clusters and bottle-necks in areas known to become crowded.

The Dutch Prime Minister said last Wednesday: "If the figures become less positive because people take to the streets too much, it will be very difficult to relax [social distancing rules]." 

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