Dutch police are using portable toilets to apprehend speeders

Dutch police are using portable toilets to apprehend speeders

Dutch police have found a new, unusual way to apprehend speeders - by hiding their traffic cameras inside portable toilets

Dutch police are getting creative 

Yes, you read that correctly. The police have started hiding traffic cameras in portable toilets across the Netherlands. This system - using a so-called Dixiflits, an amalgamation of the Dutch words for portable toilet (dixi) and traffic camera (flits) - was apparently used for the first time back in 2019 near Almere. To make the seemingly randomly-placed toilet look less conspicuous, police placed it on a trailer hooked onto a van.

Beware the Dixiflits

A little unconventional perhaps, but undoubtedly effective. This year, the hidden camera has been put to use again, both in Almere and in Lelystad. Then, on Monday November 2, another hidden camera was spotted in Maarssen (near Utrecht). 

The camera in Almere is said to have resulted in 59 motorists receiving tickets for speeding - catching one driving at 99 kilometres per hour on a 50 kilometre per hour road.

Other unconventional yet successful methods used by police to catch speeders in the act include hiding cameras in wheelie bins, advertising pillars, and a variety of inconspicuous cars, vans, and trailers. So, next time you hit the road - be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

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