Dutch passport falls in ranking, now fifth-best in the world

Dutch passport falls in ranking, now fifth-best in the world

January is here, and that can only mean one thing: the Henley Passport Index is back! This year’s edition of the international ranking sees the Dutch passport fall slightly, from fourth place to fifth. 

The 2023 Henley Passport Index 

The Henley Passport Index evaluates 199 passports from around the world to see whether they have visa-free access to 227 global travel destinations. Every January, an up-to-date ranking is published, revealing the most and least powerful passports for international travel. 

Passports are awarded one point for every country they can travel to without requiring a visa, or if the traveller can obtain a visa, a visitor's permit, or an electronic travel authority (ETA) upon arriving at their destination. On the other hand, for every destination where a visa or pre-departure government approval is required, the passport receives zero points.

Dutch passport remains one of the best in the world

While the Netherlands managed to climb from joint-sixth place in 2021 to joint-fourth place in 2022, this year sees the Dutch passport fall in the ranking - albeit slightly. With a total of 188 points - equal to the country’s 2022 and 2021 scores - this year sees the Netherlands come in a very respectable fifth place, tied with the likes of Sweden and Austria. 

The score means that Dutch citizens can travel to an impressive 188 countries around the world without having to apply for a visa before departure. 

The best and worst passports to have in 2023

According to the 2023 Henley Passport Index, the best passports in the world are: 

  1. Japan (193)
  2. Singapore, South Korea (192)
  3. Germany, Spain (190)
  4. Finland, Italy, Luxembourg (189)
  5. Austria, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden (188)
  6. France, Ireland, Portugal, UK (187)
  7. Belgium, Czechia, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, USA (186)
  8. Australia, Canada, Greece, Malta (185)
  9. Hungary, Poland (184) 
  10. Lithuania, Slovakia (183)

Meanwhile, occupying the bottom spots in this year’s ranking are: 

  1. Afghanistan (27)
  2. Iraq (29)
  3. Syria (30)
  4. Pakistan (32)
  5. Yemen (34)
  6. Somalia (35)
  7. Palestinian Territory, Nepal (38)
  8. North Korea (40)
  9. Bangladesh, Kosovo, Libya (41)
  10. Congo, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Sudan (42)

To find out more about the ranking’s methodology, or to read the full report, visit the Henley & Partners website.

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