Dutch parliament approves mandatory quarantine rule

Dutch parliament approves mandatory quarantine rule

The House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer) has approved the cabinet’s plan to introduce a mandatory 10-day quarantine rule for travellers from (very) high-risk areas.

House of Representatives supports mandatory quarantine bill

In April, the Dutch government announced that it hoped to introduce a mandatory quarantine rule for travellers from May 15. While that goal was met, significant progress has been made and the rule will likely come into effect in June.

While the House has approved the bill, some slight changes have been made. For example, an exception will be made for anyone visiting a friend or relative on their deathbed, or when travelling to see a partner who is about to give birth. Furthermore, mayors will have the power to make exceptions in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Senate to debate quarantine and access tests next week

The House of Representatives has also asked that anyone who is vaccinated against COVID-19 is exempted from the quarantine rule, and will also not be required to be rested for coronavirus upon arrival in the Netherlands. However, this exemption would not apply to any travellers from a country where a dangerous variant of the virus is circulating that the vaccine offers no protection against. 

The bill has now been sent to the Senate (Eerste Kamer) and will be debated next week. The Senate is also set to discuss a bill that would see a temporary law introduced permitting venues and events to require a so-called access test to be carried out before arrival.

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