Dutch ministers sneakily watch football during General Political Debate

Dutch ministers sneakily watch football during General Political Debate

Once Prinsjesdag is over and the Dutch budget has been announced, political party leaders debate the main points during the General Political Debate. This debate usually last two days and is extremely important, as it makes clear how much space the Cabinet actually has to carry out their plans and how much support they have from the parties.

Ministers seen catching the game

The debate this week coincided with certain football games featuring Dutch teams in the Europa League. And some politicians couldn’t help but have a sneak peek at the matches. Some of the teams playing included PSV against Sporting Lissabon, AZ against Partizan Belgrado and Feyenoord against Rangers FC.

Whilst the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte was speaking, the camera turned to the back of the ministers and Ferdinand Grapperhaus, Minister of Justice and Security, and Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, can be seen watching the footie on their tablets.

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