Dutch King and Queen to receive coronavirus vaccine

Dutch King and Queen to receive coronavirus vaccine

The Dutch King, King Willem-Alexander, as well as his wife Queen Maxima, will both be vaccinated against coronavirus - but only when it's their turn, as designated by the government’s vaccination strategy. 

King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima, and Priness Beatrix to be vaccinated

On Wednesday, the royal couple responded happily to the first vaccinations taking place in the Netherlands: “The start of the vaccinations is a turning point that gives hope for a way out of this crisis. Many thanks to everyone who contributes to this! Now it is important to persevere together.” 

The Government Information Service (RVD) has confirmed that the couple will both be receiving the vaccine, but it won’t be a public or televised event used to encourage vaccination among the people of the Netherlands. Instead, they will receive it as outlined by the Dutch government’s vaccination strategy - which likely means the King and Queen will have to wait until (at least) April or May. 

Princess Beatrix, who will celebrate her 83rd birthday later this month, will also be vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as she is able to. The princess’ age means she is likely to receive the vaccine before her son, but will still have to wait until March. 

Dutch PM will also wait his turn

Around the world, a number of royals, such as Queen Margrethe of Denmark, have already announced their vaccination, while others, such as Emir Tamim of Qatar and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, had cameras present at their immunisation. 

Some big names in the Netherlands have already received the vaccine. Diederik Gommers, an intensive care doctor and chairman of the Dutch Association for Intensive Care, received the vaccine on Wednesday, saying: “This is a really great feeling.”

As for Prime Minister Mark Rutte, he will likely wait his turn in the same way the Dutch royal family will - which means waiting until the spring.

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