Dutch government will take a less harsh approach to those in debt

Dutch government will take a less harsh approach to those in debt

The implementation of the measures to combat further spread of coronavirus has meant that many people have lost their jobs and are worried about making payments. Fortunately, the Dutch government is treating those in debt less harshly during the coronavirus crisis.

Debt deferrals can be given during the time of coronavirus

People affected by debts in the Netherlands may receive a payment deferral, according to AD. The Central Judicial Collections Agency or Centraal Justitieel Incasso Bureau (CJIB) has instructed bailiffs to seek other solutions during the crisis, avoiding seizures of commercial properties and other assets like homes.

Those who cannot pay their student debt will not have to worry about bailiffs during the coronavirus period. The educational organisation DUO will not be contacting the collections agency about non-payments during this time.

Anyone who is unable to pay a fine as a result of the coronavirus can be given a deferral and existing payment plans can be adjusted or stopped.

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