Dutch government relaxes restrictions for more European destinations

Dutch government relaxes restrictions for more European destinations

The Dutch government relaxed travel restrictions for Germany, Italy, Iceland, and Switzerland last week, but they’re not stopping there, as, from June 24, another seven European destinations are going yellow. 

Another seven holiday destinations turn yellow

From Thursday, the travel advice for the following seven European destinations changed from orange (high risk, only necessary travel) to yellow (limited measures against coronavirus):

  • France
  • Lithuania
  • Slovenia
  • Estonia
  • Greece (excl. Athens)
  • Belgium (excl. Brussels)
  • Croatia’s Sjeverna Hrvatska region

The updated travel advice means that all of Croatia and almost all of Greece is now yellow. Anyone who travels to one of the above countries / regions will not be required to quarantine or present a recent negative coronavirus test upon return to the Netherlands.

From Thursday, the EU’s relaxation of travel restrictions for eight non-European countries will also come into effect

Dutch government tightens travel advice for Lisbon

While most of Europe has now opened up to travel, the government is strengthening some of its travel advice. The spread of the new Delta variant in Lisbon means that the Portuguese capital is turning from yellow to orange, as the government asks people in the Netherlands not to travel there unless absolutely necessary. 

Furthermore, while many popular holiday destinations are now either yellow or green, the government has decided to leave Spain on orange. In a statement, the government writes “while the corona figures in the country are slowly improving, they are unfortunately not good enough yet.”

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