Dutch government to lift face mask rule and work from home advice

Dutch government to lift face mask rule and work from home advice

Sources from The Hague have revealed to the NOS that the Dutch government has decided to lift the mandatory face mask rule and the work from home advice from June 26.

Dutch government to lift face mask rule and work from home advice

The news comes after a number of members of the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) had suggested the government lift the face mask rule for indoor public spaces before the autumn, as the number of coronavirus infections continues to fall in the Netherlands and more and more people are receiving the vaccine. 

On Wednesday afternoon, news broke that, not only was the cabinet considering lifting the face rule sooner than planned, but that the rule was likely to be lifted before the end of the month. Furthermore, the government plans to relax the work from home advice that has been in place since last March, allowing workers across the country to return to the office.

Health Minister Hugo de Jonge said the cabinet was looking at all restrictions and measures that were still in place in the Netherlands, deciding which ones it would be safe to relax at the upcoming press conference. “It's just going really well,” he said. “That means that we can take the next step on Friday and it will take effect a week later."

Next coronavirus press conference scheduled for June 18

The final decision will be made before the press conference on Friday, but there are already some ideas about what the new rules will look like. In spaces where the 1,5-metre rule can be followed, people will no longer be required to wear a mask. This means, for example, you will likely no longer be required to wear a mask at the supermarket, but it is expected that the rule will still apply on public transport.

Similarly, in offices where the 1,5-metre rule can be enforced, workers are allowed to return to the workplace. However, the government will still ask anyone who works in spaces where the rule cannot be followed to work from home. Other basic rules, such as keeping distance and staying home when suffering from symptoms of coronavirus, will remain in place for the time being.

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