Dutch government hopes to scrap final COVID-19 restrictions on March 23

Dutch government hopes to scrap final COVID-19 restrictions on March 23

Sources in The Hague say the Dutch government hopes to lift the remaining coronavirus restrictions on March 23, NOS reports. 

The Netherlands to wave goodbye to all remaining restrictions?

With the cabinet and Outbreak Management Team (OMT) set to reevaluate the national coronavirus situation on Tuesday, insiders have revealed the government is looking to scrap the final restrictions before the end of the month. 

This would mean that face masks would no longer be mandatory on public transport, and the so-called 1G rules for large non-seated events would also be abolished. Finally, vaccinated travellers arriving in the Netherlands would no longer be required to present a recent negative test upon arrival. Only the basic rules (i.e. cough into your elbow, wash hands thoroughly and regularly) and the face mask mandate at airports would remain in place.

The news comes as the Netherlands faces a rapidly increasing infection rate, but pressure on the Dutch healthcare system remains limited. The OMT is expected to publish its advice on the subject on Friday.

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