Dutch government decides under-40s won’t be offered Janssen vaccine

Dutch government decides under-40s won’t be offered Janssen vaccine

Following the latest advice from the Health Council of the Netherlands, the Dutch government has decided everyone born in or after 1982 will be offered the Moderna or Pfizer / BioNTech vaccines.

Under-40s won't be offered Janssen coronavirus vaccine

The Health Council’s advice argued that young people are more likely to suffer from the rare side effects of thrombosis in combination with a low platelet count, even though there are yet to be any cases reported in the Netherlands

The advice stated that "the number of reports after vaccination with Janssen in certain age groups is in the same order of magnitude as after vaccination with AstraZeneca, with more reports in younger age groups," and therefore asked the Dutch government to stop offering younger members of the population the Janssen vaccine, and instead only offer either Moderna or Pfizer / BioNTech.

People will be able to choose between Janssen, Moderna, and Pfizer

Only hours after the Health Council issued their advice on Wednesday, the government announced it would follow the council’s advice. Health Minister Hugo de Jonge has said everyone born in or after 1982 will now be offered either Pfizer or Moderna, but could still choose to receive the Janssen vaccine against COVID-19. The Health Minister also said that anyone who had already booked a vaccine appointment for Janssen could ask to receive a different jab.

De Jonge did say he felt the advice was “difficult,” and hoped to investigate whether there were certain age groups or demographics who could safely receive the Janssen jab. For example, the Health Council suggested the vaccine was ideal for vaccinating the homeless population, as it only required one dose. Soldiers stationed abroad or sailors may still receive the so-called Dutch vaccine.

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