Dutch government adjusts travel advice, whole of EU goes yellow

Dutch government adjusts travel advice, whole of EU goes yellow

In order for the Netherlands’ coronavirus policy to align more closely with that of the European Union, the Dutch government has adjusted the travel advice for Europe; from Tuesday, all EU countries are coded either yellow or green. 

The Netherlands' new coronavirus travel advice

Up until now, the Netherlands had adopted a country-by-country approach for determining the travel advice for each nation. Depending on the infection rate, each country was given a different colour code:

  • Green: no security risks
  • Yellow: caution, safety risks
  • Orange: only necessary trips
  • Red: do not travel

Recently, many have complained that the system is overly confusing - as the government’s advice can change regularly making it difficult to plan any trips abroad - and that it made little sense due to the rising number of infections here in the Netherlands. 

The Dutch government has therefore decided to change strategy, switching to a system that more closely resembles the travel advice issued by other EU countries. This means that every EU member state - including those with a high number of COVID-19 cases (i.e. Spain and Portugal) - will be either green or yellow. Countries will only be classified as orange if a new, more dangerous / highly contagious variant is reported there.

Travelling in Europe with the CoronaCheck app

The new travel advice comes into effect on Tuesday, July 27. As outlined by the EU COVID-19 certificate, travellers aged 12 or older arriving in the Netherlands from a yellow-coded EU country will be required to present either proof of vaccination, proof of recent recovery, or proof of a recent negative PCR / antigen test (max 48 / 24 hours old). Dutch travellers are able to do so via the CoronaCheck app

In order to prevent a rise in the number of infections in the Netherlands, new, stricter entry requirements will apply to travellers from August 8. Health Minister Hugo de Jonge asks that everyone - even those who are fully vaccinated - get tested for coronavirus after returning to the Netherlands.

De Jonge says the new system allows for more certainty among those planning holidays abroad this summer, while also attempting to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the Netherlands and avoid a fourth wave in the autumn.

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mawilbolou 00:31 | 11 August 2021

It's a pain to check where you can and where you can't. The Corona check app only gives a qr code. It does nothing else, where it could give up to date info based on destination. Colours aren't used to depict travel on, they're using low, high and very high risk.