Dutch food prices have risen by 15 percent in 6 months, study reveals

Dutch food prices have risen by 15 percent in 6 months, study reveals

Research conducted by the Dutch Consumers’ Association (Consumentenbond) has found that the prices of several basic food items have risen by an average of 15 percent over the past six months. 

The Netherlands sees food prices rise by 15 percent

The Consumers’ Association assessed the prices of over 100 foods, including rice, coffee, milk and potatoes, across 14 supermarket chains in the Netherlands. Overall, the study found that prices of basic groceries have risen by an average of 15 percent since December 2022. 

In spite of this sharp and undeniable increase, researchers say the worst of the price hikes are behind us. While Dutch supermarkets reportedly “increased the price of an average of 150 products per day” in December and January, since February fewer increases have been implemented, with the prices of some products even falling since the winter.

Plus the priciest supermarket, Dirk the cheapest

While the research focused on the prices of budget brands stocked by various supermarkets, the study found that the highest prices could be found at Plus, where products are 20 percent more expensive than average. Once again, Dirk was found to be the most affordable supermarket, with prices 11 lower than the national average.

Some of the most significant increases were seen in the prices of sugar (+78 percent) and cauliflower (+54 percent). The cost of bread has also seen notable increases, with figures showing that the price of six brown rolls has risen by 43 percent. 

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