Survey: Is the Dutch fondness for home births and paracetamol a myth?

Survey: Is the Dutch fondness for home births and paracetamol a myth?

Share your views on Dutch doctors and health insurers in a new survey on the international community and the Dutch healthcare system.

Dutch doctors prescribe fewer antibiotics

Last month, figures from the European Union showed that what many expats in the Netherlands think about Dutch doctors is true - they do prescribe fewer antibiotics than in any other OECD member country.

The report, entitled Health at a Glance, shows that just 10,7 people in 1.000 are prescribed antibiotics in the Netherlands at any one time. This is around half the OECD rate of 20,6 and well below league leader Greece, at 36.

At the same time, the Dutch health system is highly regarded in international circles. In May, the Netherlands came in ninth place in a ranking of almost 200 countries by The Lancet magazine.

The ranking was compiled by looking at how likely you are to survive various diseases, including tuberculosis, whooping cough and measles. And, a year ago, research by the Commonwealth Fund think-tank in America, put the Netherlands at the top of a list of 11 western countries in terms of its healthcare system.

Survey about healthcare in the Netherlands

The International Community Advisory Panel is trying to get greater insight into attitudes to the Dutch healthcare system among the international community and has launched a new survey to find out more. The findings will be used by the Amsterdam city council in its efforts to make the city a more attractive place to live and do business.

Do you have doubts about doctors or issues about health insurance? Is the popularity of paracetamol a myth? Have your say in the ICAP survey about the Dutch healthcare system as seen through the eyes of internationals. 



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