Dutch flu epidemic spreading

Dutch flu epidemic spreading

According to the Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research, Nivel, the flu epidemic in the Netherlands is growing. Two weeks ago, 110 people out of 100.000 visited their GP with flu-like symptoms. Last week, 165 people with these symptoms took a trip to their doctor.

Rising number of flu cases in the Netherlands

Based on figures from 42 GP practices in the Netherlands, the number of flu cases is rising and the number of sick people is already higher than the peak flu weeks of the past three flu seasons. And according to Nivel, the peak of this flu epidemic has not yet been reached.

In the Netherlands, a flu epidemic is ascertained when more than 51 people in 100.000 get the flu in two consecutive weeks. An epidemic usually lasts around nine weeks, and the Netherlands is already on week seven.

Negative effects  

Dutch primary schools are particularly struggling with the effects that the flu is having. The number of school-aged children and adults coming down with the flu is increasing, with teachers also falling ill.

Because of the shortage of teachers, and thus a shortage of substitute teachers, paired with the flu, full classes of children are being sent home and in some cases, entire schools are being closed, albeit for a day.

Whichever profession you are in, with the flu going around, it is a good idea to know where your nearest doctor is and how to take sick leave from your job.

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