Dutch doctors to assist each other in real-time via app

Physicians in the Netherlands have been testing a secure app for sharing patient information with other doctors. This will ensure the privacy of patient data and could increase the accuracy and speed of a diagnosis during a visit to the doctor’s office.

When a doctor is unsure about a patient’s ailment and would like a second opinion, they will soon be able to get live assistance from other physicians in an encrypted manner.

Better medical care

In the province of Utrecht, recently a trial was done with the new app that’s called Siilo. Physicians made use of a secured app group where they could exchange photos, videos and messages.

A doctor who participated in the pilot, told The Telegraaf that it allows him to draw better conclusions and that it prevents unnecessary referrals to the hospital. He also said that the app lets physicians learn from each other’s patients and knowledge.

Alternative to Whatsapp

The new Siilo software is intended as a secure alternative to chat services such as WhatsApp.

Research by KNMG (Royal Dutch Medical Association) shows that one in three Dutch doctors have used the chat app for sending photos and medical data of a patient to colleague in order to get a second opinion.

Privacy issues WhatsApp

While physicians have been aware of the privacy concerns of WhatsApp, being able to share information real-time has been invaluable to both patient and doctor according to a survey conducted by KNMG.

Earlier in 2016 the Dutch privacy watchdog Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens had requested that Dutch doctors stop sharing patient data through WhatsApp because the app did not meet all privacy requirements.

Increased safety and privacy

The new Siilo app for physicians encrypts all data, and patient information is deleted automatically, developer Joost Bruggeman told Radio 1. The medical app also has tools for making the information anonymous.

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