Dutch design studio to upcycle space waste

Dutch design studio to upcycle space waste

Yes, you heard right, waste from space! Studio Roosegaarde, famous for its many innovative projects such as Gates of Light, has started a new large-scale project called the Space Waste Lab.

From space waste to sustainable products

Currently, there are more than 29.000 objects bigger than 10 centimetres floating around the earth in space. These objects are parts of old satellites and broken rockets and are thus space waste.

Space waste may sound harmless, after all, 10 centimetres is not exactly gigantic, but space waste can create collisions with our in-use satellites and result in yet more space waste and disruption to our digital communication. At this moment in time, no one really knows how to solve the space waste problem.

Fortunately, Studio Roosegaarde has taken on the challenge with their Space Waste Lab. This project will investigate how space waste can be upcycled into sustainable products. To realise their project goals, Space Waste Lab will consist of two phases.

See the space waste for yourself

In the first phase of the project, you will be able to see space waste for yourself during one of the unique Space Waste Lab Performances. But what do we mean by see? Well, the performance makes use of LEDs and real-time tracking information so you can visualise the space waste floating around above you at altitudes of 200 to 20.000 kilometres.

To further enhance the performance, the surrounding area will be darkened by shutting off streetlights etc. This performance is, of course, outdoors. But what about the rainy Dutch weather? Not to worry, there is also an indoor exhibition with a real piece of space waste and an educational programme with space experts and amateurs.

You can visit the Space Waste Lab from October 5, 2018, until January 19, 2019, at Kunstlinie KAF in Almere. You also have the chance to watch the live Space Waste Lab Performance just after sunset on November 9 and 10, December 7 and 8, and January 18 and 19 (2019).

Outdoor activities are free of charge and indoor activities carry a small entrance fee. The Space Waste Lab is supported by space experts, such as ESA (European Space Agency), Studio Roosegaarde, students and visitors.

Taking it to the next level

After January 19, 2019, the Space Waste Lab project will progress to phase two. In this phase, which is a multi-year programme, space waste will be collected and upcycled into sustainable products. Space experts and entrepreneurs will be involved in this phase.

Photo and video source: Daan Roosegaarde

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