Dutch cycling while texting ban comes into effect on Monday

Dutch cycling while texting ban comes into effect on Monday

On Monday, July 1, the long-awaited ban on cycling while texting came into effect! So, don’t forget to either get a bicycle phone mount or simply put your phone away when you’re cycling in the Netherlands.

Even holding your phone will get you a fine

It’s not just the act of texting while cycling that will get you a fine, simply holding your phone, tablet, music player, GPS device or any other mobile electronic device while cycle is enough for the police to stop you. It won’t be cheap if you’re caught either, with the fine set at 95 euros for non-motorised vehicles.

The new law only applies if you are moving, so if you are stood still at a traffic light, you’re fine to check your phone. But keep in mind that when the traffic light turns green, you’ll block the way for other cyclists if you are still busy texting. If you create a dangerous situation for other road users, you could be fined or even sentenced.

Not just cyclists affected

It’s not just cyclists that the new law applies to, tram drivers and those using mobility scooters are also subject to the ban. If caught, the fine for holding a mobile electronic device whilst operating these vehicles is the same as for using your phone while driving a car or motorcycle, namely 240 euros.

Don’t want to get slapped with a fine? Put your phone away and use headphones or get a bicycle phone mount so you can still use it for GPS navigation.

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zagari 08:28 | 20 November 2019

Hi! Would a speedskater with the phone in his hand while skating be fined as well? Just to know, really, cuz there are plenty of places where to store the phone.