Dutch course for free!?

Yes, it’s possible for expats to join high level Dutch courses for free! For free means that Gemeente Amsterdam will pay for the course for you. Under certain conditions, of course.

As you may know, people coming from outside of the European Union wishing to settle in the Netherlands for a prolonged period are obligated to take the Inburgeringsexamen, a test about basic language skills and knowledge of Dutch society.

The Staatsexamen is an option to advance your Dutch language skills to higher levels in speaking, listening, reading and writing. For those who want to attend a bachelor’s or master’s course where instruction is given in Dutch, or apply for a job at that level, Staatsexamen programma II is necessary.

Until the end of 2012, Gemeente Amsterdam will pay for courses to prepare for one of these exams, not only for residents who are obligated, but also for those who aren’t! Taalwijzer (situated in each part of the city) is charged by the Gemeente Amsterdam to help you with the application for the courses. But since the fund is almost finished, you will have to be quick.

Priority is given to people who are obligated to take the exam, to EU-citizens and to others who want to settle down in Amsterdam permanently. The government fund is not meant to be used for students and knowledge migrants.

Taalwijzer will ask you some questions about your background and test your learning skills to see what kind of course they can offer you. If you’re a fast learner, you can opt for a course for the Staatsexamen programma II and give them your preference for any school from their list (TopTaal is also listed).

In case there is no possibility to enrol in a course immediately, Taalwijzer can put you on a waiting list. If you have any trouble with this, you can always contact the school of your preference for more info.

The last step is to wait for the school to call you to make an appointment for an intake and start your free classes!

There is more! Another possibility for people living in Amsterdam is to learn Dutch at work, together with their colleagues. This course, called Taal op de Werkvloer, is focused on your own working activities and personal needs. Lessons will be given in-company and fitting your schedule.

Enjoy your course, have fun and good luck!

TopTaal offers intensive and effective courses at three levels, including special training focused on the Staatsexamen NT2 programma II. For inquiries and / or remarks, feel free to comment below or contact them directly at 020-7163690.

Monique Deenik


Monique Deenik

Professional and effective training, that is what our business is all about. TopTaal is a Dutch language training institute with a wide range of courses for individuals and groups of...

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anoukzee 19:09 | 22 August 2019

Hello! I come from Brazil, but I have a dutch nationality. I came to study an Taylor course that is all spoken in dutch. Im looking for classes. I need classes urgently, can you help me please? thank you! Anouk Van Der Zee