Dutch consumers more pessimistic about future economy

Dutch consumers were far more negative about the economic situation in June than in May, but their willingness to buy improved, according to CBS. Overall, the mood among consumers remained about as negative as in May. The consumer confidence indicator fell 1 point to -11.

dutch consumer confidence

Confidence in the economic situation in the next twelve months was dented as the component indicator slumped 10 points. Consumers’ opinions on the economic climate over the past twelve months was also more negative, but to a lesser extent. As a result, the component indicator economic climate dropped 7 points to -16.

The decline in confidence regarding the economic climate was partly offset by an improvement in consumers’ opinions with respect to their own financial situation. 

financial poll netherlands

Consumers were obviously less negative about their financial situation in the past twelve months than in May. They also considered the time more favourable to buy expensive items, although their opinions on their own financial situation in the next twelve months hardly altered. The component indicator willingness to buy increased by 3 points and stood at -8.

Despite this improvement, willingness to buy still remains at a low level.



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