Dutch consumers launch claim against Apple for slow iPhones

Dutch consumers launch claim against Apple for slow iPhones

Consumers in the Netherlands have launched a case against Apple after customers alleged that a number of iPhone models were deliberately slowed down by software updates, to encourage users to upgrade their phones. Users of the iPhone 6, 7 and SE models are currently seeking damages from the tech company for the slowing down of their devices. 

Consumers claim Apple deliberately slowed their devices using software updates

The organisation undertaking the claim, ConsumentenClaim, says that Apple slowed their iPhone 6, 7 and SE devices down, and that software updates helped to conceal an underlying battery defect with the phone. "As a result, the iPhones became slower and no longer worked properly. Apple did not inform its users about this," writes ConsumentenClaim, which started the case together with the Aequitas Advocacy Foundation.

The director of ConsumentenClaim stated that users had been affected by the reduced speed of their devices, as well as the phones’ functionality and battery life. "Many consumers were forced to replace the battery or even their entire iPhone prematurely,” the organisation added. 

Claim seeks 100 euros compensation for iPhone 6, 7 and SE owners

The claim organisations seek compensation of up to 100 euros per consumer for their defective devices. While Apple has previously admitted to making their devices slower, they say that they have made improvements to improve battery performance in their devices.

In the United States, Apple has already settled a total of approximately 572 million euros in a similar legal case, and has paid out 86 euros to each claimant. 

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