Dutch cannabis getting weaker

A report has found that marijuana sold in the Netherlands last year contained decreased levels of THC, its active ingredient.

THC levels

This study was conducted by the Trimbos Institute and commissioned by the Dutch health Ministry. It involved analysing cannabis purchased in 48 of the Netherlands' 651 coffee shops.

Its findings show that, in 2012, the average level of THC was 13,5%. This is a relatively large decline from 2011's average percentage of 15,5%.

It is an even greater decrease on the average THC content several years ago. Until nine years ago, THC levels averaged over 20%. Since 2004, levels have fluctuated between 15 and 18%.

The study's findings also reveal that the average price of cannabis in this country increased by just over 3% in 2012.

Regulating the THC level

The Dutch government has attempted to regulate the drug by imposing a 15% THC limit for marijuana. However, this study shows that 30% of cannabis sold here still has THC percentages above this level.

Last year the government announced plans to officially re-classify strong strains of marijuana.

When these laws come into effect, canabis with a THC content above 15% will be classed as a Class A drug - like heroine and cocaine.

Source: NIS News Bulletin

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