The Dutch are happy to speak Dutch with you

The Dutch are happy to speak Dutch with you


Learning Dutch is highly appreciated by Dutch people! Learn Dutch on your own and use the simple and effective Delftse methode. This course was developed by language experts from the University of Delft and has a track record of more than 35 years. It has proven to be very effective.

A communicative learning pathway

The primary goal of the method is to enable you to speak and understand Dutch quickly. The method has a transparent, step-by-step structure that is strongly focused on the practical use of the Dutch language.

You learn the language as you speak to people

The course provides support in no less than 27 languages, such as Arabic, Spanish, Polish and Chinese. It especially helps autonomous learners involved in self-education. The support in your native language and the transparent learning process make the set goals achievable. The guidelines are simple and short.

For educated learners

The Delftse methode offers different courses; it allows students of all educational backgrounds to begin at the desired level. The green book in particular, Delftse methode - Nederlands voor buitenlanders, is intended for educated beginners who have at least completed secondary school.


If you purchase Nederlands voor buitenlanders, you will receive the printed textbook which includes access to the online course NT2 SCHOOL via a login code. The vocabulary lists can be downloaded from there for free.

The online programme can also be ordered separately; just like the app. Every lesson from the textbook corresponds to a lesson from the exercise book. Apart from the exercise book, you can endlessly practice online or in the app, wherever and whenever you like.

The use of the online material is essential for this course.

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Do you want to optimise your Dutch?

"Every chapter is concluded with a reflection on your own language.”

Dutch Grammar Support offers a selection of grammatical rules that apply to spoken and written language in daily life, in a working environment and when studying.

The rules are presented at three levels: A2, B1 and B2 (CEFR). The instruction language is English. The instructions are simple and short, which also makes the book accessible to non-native speakers of English.

Dutch Grammar Support is mainly suitable for adults who have followed at least a few years of secondary education in their own country.

Dutch Grammar Support stands out among other English grammar books thanks to its combination of extensive yet clear explanation accompanied by exercises. Order now! 



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