Dutch airline KLM to strike on Wednesday

Dutch airline KLM to strike on Wednesday

Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 18, KLM ground crew will strike yet again. This is the third strike in two weeks, after collective labour agreement negotiations between trade union FNV and KLM came to a standstill.

Could your flight be cancelled?

If you are planning on catching a flight with KLM tomorrow, it may not go as you’d planned. This time, ground staff are striking from 1pm until 5pm, twice as long as the two previous strikes.

During the last strike, more than 50 inbound and outbound flights were cancelled. Additionally, there were delays and passengers had to wait longer for their hold baggage. It is unclear how planned flights will be affected tomorrow.

Negotiations stalled

FNV has been negotiating with KLM regarding a new collective labour agreement for ground staff, which concerns 15.000 employees, for months. The FNV is pushing for a salary increase of four percent per year, more permanent contracts and better work schedules.

KLM insists it has brought a good offer to the table, namely a salary increase of seven percent during a collective labour agreement of two years and nine months. KLM also offered a salary increase of 8,5 percent; however, this is without the profit-sharing scheme.

KLM doesn’t understand why the FNV is looking for a confrontation, calling it “incomprehensible and unnecessary.” A spokesperson for KLM emphasises, “There is a good salary offer on the table and we were still in discussion regarding the other points.”

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