Drivers told to expect more disruption and traffic on Dutch roads in 2023

Drivers told to expect more disruption and traffic on Dutch roads in 2023

With a recent report revealing that bridges across the Netherlands are seriously overdue for some maintenance work, drivers have been warned to expect more disruption and traffic jams on Dutch roads in 2023 as a result of various construction projects. 

More traffic jams due to bridge maintenance in the Netherlands

The annual report published by the Rijkswaterstaat in December revealed that bridges, locks and viaducts in the Netherlands only receive “average” scores when it comes to safety, as a result of various maintenance and construction projects having been postponed over the past several years. 

Rijkswaterstaat has warned that this means a number of maintenance projects have been planned for this year and that measures - such as lowering speed limits or even closing bridges - will be taken in order to prevent accidents and further damage. Drivers have therefore been told to prepare for road closures, route diversions and more traffic

40 construction projects planned on Dutch highways this year

At least 40 construction projects have already been scheduled for highways in the Netherlands in 2023.  The Dutch government has set aside 1,25 billion euros to be invested in overdue road maintenance: “The race to catch up has begun,” said Rijkswaterstaat director Michèle Blom.

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