Driver with fake Ukrainian licence for "Boris Johnson" arrested in Groningen

Driver with fake Ukrainian licence for "Boris Johnson" arrested in Groningen

Police in Groningen made a rather high-profile arrest over the weekend after a motorist was pulled over and officers discovered he was in possession of a fake driving licence from Ukraine which was issued to the name Boris Johnson. 

Dutch police seize fake licence issued to Boris Johnson

On Saturday night, Groningen police pulled over a motorist for driving under the influence of alcohol. When asked for their driving licence, the driver presented officers with a rather unusual - and unexpected - document: a Ukrainian licence supposedly issued to one Boris Johnson, AKA the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. 

As well as featuring the name and photo of the world-famous British politician, the fake licence also included Johnson’s date and place of birth. Finally, the expiration date on the driving licence was listed as December 12, 3000. "Unfortunately for the person, we did not fall for the counterfeit driving licence," said Groningen police, who OOG TV report have seized the document. 

Fake licences a common find in Ukrainian souvenir shops

While the fake licence might resemble one from Ukraine, it’s not clear whether the driver holds Ukrainian nationality. According to NOS correspondent Kysia Hekster, fake driving licences under the names of world leaders are a common find in Ukrainian souvenir shops. “I have ones with Merkel and Zelenskyy,” Hekster wrote on Twitter.

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