Drastic increase in yearly household energy bills

Drastic increase in yearly household energy bills

This week, the government’s plans for the future were announced, including the plans to move towards greener energy and up taxes on household energy, especially gas.

These plans come as no surprise, as the proposal to increase energy prices was announced on Prinsjesdag. However, after taking into account both plans for the future, the Homeowners Association (Vereniging Eigen Huis) calculates that households will see their energy bills increase by 200 euros between 2017 - 2019, instead of the previously calculated 70 euros.

No more homes on the gas network

The new Dutch government wants to move towards greener energy. The tax on gas for households is set to rise, whilst the tax on electricity will fall. These measures will result in an increase of the energy bill for households. Where households paid an average of 570 euros in energy tax in 2017, according to the Homeowners Association, they will now pay around 770 euros in 2019.

The aim is to have all new-build houses running on energy sources other than gas by 2021, with around 50.000 properties being offered gas-free yearly.

In addition to this, they want 30.000 to 50.000 houses in the Netherlands running on gas to switch to other forms of energy yearly, during their parliamentary term. To encourage the switch, some municipalities are offering subsidies.

Solar panels as an alternative

The net metering regulation which applies to solar panels makes them a financially attractive decision for homeowners. This regulation allows one to earn back on the investment in solar panels by selling surplus energy back to the power grid. However, cutbacks will take place to this regulation in 2020, three years earlier than expected.


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